Sehid Agir Şervan (Levi Jonathan Shirley) de las YPG

chk_captchaNombre de Guerra: Agir Şervan
Nombre Real: Levı Jonathan Shırley
Nombre de la madre: Susan
Nombre del padre: Russ
Lugar de nacimiento: Amerîka/ Nevada
Lugar y fecha del fallecimiento: 14.07.2016 Minbic

La revolución de Rojava se convirtió en una revolución por la humanidad que atrajo la atención de todo el mundo con la valiosa resistencia de las YPG e YPJ y las gentes de Rojava. Uno de ellos era nuestro Camarada Agir Servant, originario de EEUU.

Heval Agir Servant (Levi Jonathan Shirley) vino a Rojava en Febrero del 2015 y se unió a las YPG. Formó parte en la operación Marty Rubar Qamislo, siempre en primera línea de frente. Después de la liberación de las montañas de Kezwane, volvió al hogar. En Enero de 2016 volvió a Rojava y se volvió a unir a las YPG para defender los cantones de Cizire y Kobane. Después de eso, se unió a la operación Abu Leyla para liberar Minbij. Hevale Agir era conocido por su disciplina y sentido de la responsabilidad. Su estilo y personalidad eran fuente de fuerza, motivación, y moral para sus amigos. Hevale Agir era conocido en el campo de batalla como una persona valiente y altruista.

A farewell from a friend – Macer Gifford about Heval Agir

I first met Heval Agir (Levi Shirley) on the frontline in Til Tamar in 2015. Even though he had only been in the country a few weeks he had just got out of his first major firefight with the Islamic State.

His unit had come under a brutal and sustained night attack by ISIS fighters. Agir and his comrades had the higher ground so after a long night 12 Isis lay dead and only one Kurdish fighter was slightly wounded. It was a brutal introduction to the International Volunteers in Syria but it was exactly what Agir wanted. He came to fight and participate in the destruction of one of the most vicious ideologies of hate this world has ever seen.

Agir had been a proud member of the US marines. In fact, he talked of little else! I’m not sure I’ve met a greater patriot of America or someone who knew so much about its military history. He taught me a lot, particularly about the US tradition of fighting in foreign wars.

For him, the fight against ISIS was like the young Americans that joined the British airforce during the Second World War. The American Eagles weren’t content to sit out the war and watch the facists roll over Europe. In the same spirit, Agir couldn’t stay at home and watch while ISIS raped and murdered their way across Syria.

Agir had a determination to see you smile! He was always cracking jokes and doing impressions of the people around him. A few months ago – to boost morale – he did a comedy routine for a couple of Kurdish units on the frontline. He had people in stitches, to say he was loved would be a understatement.

This was his second time in Syria, nearly 1 year of fighting ISIS on the ground. He came before the Obama administration realised the significance of the YPG alliance and it’s ability to ‘degrade and destroy’ ISIS.

He came for no pay. For no public recognition or medals. He came knowing that he risked death and terrible injury at the hands of a brutal and remorseless enemy. Even with all this considered, it was in Agirs nature to risk all that to protect the innocent people that suffer the most.

When Americans hear about his sacrifice, I hope it gives them great pride. We are one human race that shares one planet. It’s about time people realised that liberty and justice aren’t just words, they’re a birth right. Agir knew that the West could have done more to stop ISIS years ago. He felt compelled to make a difference so he led by example and paid the ultimate price.

Rest in peace old friend, you died a Kurdish and American hero.

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